Wood Engraving

Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

Show your favorite couple just how much you love them - even if you’re the other half of your favorite couple.

🔹Amount: One cutting board per order

🔹Size: Each cutting board is 12 inches tall x 9 inches wide x 1/4 inch thick.

🔹 Full Description: Each sign is engraved into a bamboo cutting board in the bottom right corner. The engraving is opposite of the cutting board’s handle unless otherwise specified. It is engraved with the happy couple’s first names and “The Last Name”. It will also feature the date the couple got married/became one happy family.

🔹 Process Time: 3-5 Business Days

🔹 Gift Ideas: This engraved cutting board would make a beautiful decor piece for any couple who loves to cook, or entertain. It will look beautiful in any kitchen, dining room, living room or outdoor eating space.

You can also use it as a cutting board, just be sure to use cutting board conditioner between uses to keep it in prime condition. (Conditioner not included.)

Perfect for newlyweds, an anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day or Sweetest day! 

🔹Custom Order: To place a custom order, please message me with the following format;

First name & First name : Last Name : Date.

(Volk : Jenna & Collin : June 20, 2020)

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