Wood Engraving

Custom Kids Hangers

Hang your child’s dress or suit on these real wood engraved hangers that can be customized especially for your child’s special event.

🎊 Amount: One Personalized Hanger per order - unless otherwise stated.

🎊 Size: Each Wooden Engraved Hanger is 13 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 1/2 inch thick.

🎊 Full Description: Each custom hanger is engraved with the name of your choosing. We can also engrave the “title” of the event or position your child has in the activity (Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, First Communion, Baptism, etc.). We can also include the date of the event. These hangers are painted white, include a swivel hook, and notches for dress straps or hanger loops. They can also be used as a suit jacket hanger. For best results keep and use indoors.

🎊 Process Time: 3-5 Business Days

🎊 To Order: Choose the amount of hangers, you need to purchase, then simply message me with the name on your order, and the information to be engraved on each hanger.


Enter the information for each hanger (first name ONLY). 

Name: Lucas

Event: Ring Bearer

(Date: if desired)

(Location: if desired)

Name: Violet

Event: Baptism (if desired)

(Date: if desired)

(Location: if desired)

🎊 Gift Ideas: These wood engraved hangers are a perfect piece to show how proud you are of your little ring bearer or flower girl. This is a great piece to help the children feel included, valued and special to have such a big part in your day.

This is also a wonderful commemorative piece to look back on, for your child or god-child, as the day they dedicated their life to following Christ.

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