Acrylic Engraving

Black Coffin Keychain

Whether you’re a HUGE Halloween fan, or just proud to be “dead inside” all year round, this Keychain is perfect for you. It comes in two sizes for you to choose; a 2 inch acrylic coffin and a 3 inch, just choose your size at check out and you’ll be good to go!

⚰️ Amount: One Keychain per order

⚰️ Dimensions:

2.25 inches long x (about) 1.25 inches wide x 1/8 inch thick

3.25 inches long x (about) 1.5 inches wide x 1/8 inch thick

⚰️ Full Description: This keychain is engraved with the saying “dead inside” and a small skull below that. The letters and skull are then hand painted white.

⚰️ Process Time: 1-3 Business Days.

⚰️ Gift Options: Give this sturdy, super festive keychains to the person in your life that you know loves Halloween (or just their own sarcastic nature) the most! 


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